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Case studies

Seedsticks Seedsticks is an Australian company supplying bespoke promotional seed products to the domestic and increasingly international markets. Their site was built by another company using the CodeIgniter 3 PHP ‘framework’. A framework means that a website typically uses a database 'back end' to store the site content and template pages on the 'front end' to tell the site visitor's browser how to display this content.

The client wanted to move their site to a new hosting provider, which is where we came in. We had to ensure that the site moved over smoothly with no disruption to business, which included the SQL content database, all of the existing template pages and recode the online forms to make sure they still worked. Whilst we had experience with PHP, we had to learn how the CodeIgniter framework brought the content and templates together. We still maintain this site, making changes as the client requires.

Andrea Potter

Andrea Potter Andrea Potter runs an accountancy recruitment company in Bedford. We developed Andrea's site a number of years ago as a content managed site, which enables Andrea to create, update and delete job availability without the added costs of a web manager having to update the details each time a new post comes in.

The site has gone through a couple of redesigns during our time working together, making sure that the site is clean and professional looking, fast loading and responsive on multiple devices. We also helped Andrea set up her Twitter account and gave her some tuition of how to use it effectively.


UKGardening UKGardening is my own personal project. I use it as a ‘sandbox’ to test out new ideas, programming techniques and languages and social media. It’s here that I made my foray into Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube; filming, editing and uploading instructional gardening videos. Which I’m pleased and quite amazed have had over half a million views to date.